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tragedy of caterpillar 

Time: 2021

Size: A3

Material: Gouache, Soft Pastel, Acrylic Paint

This project is inspired by Fabre’s Book of Insects. Fabre has introduced a particular kind of wasp, which lay their eggs in the body of other insects or spiders. The victim is usually the caterpillar. After a special anesthetization, the caterpillar will lose the control of its body, and witness the process of being eaten alive by wasp babies. From this phenomenon, I find the nature is beautiful, miraculous, and highly beyond the standard of morality in human society. In the past, because of the misunderstanding of parasitic relations, people used to describe it as that the wasp was taking care of the caterpillar.


In ancient China, there were even poems and idioms which eulogize the relationship between the wasp and the prey. I define it as the self-sentimental imagination of our human beings, which is totally different from the truth.

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