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Time: 2020

Material: Digital

This project describes the possibilities of human teeth decoration under the new aesthetic trend of “addition to oral cavity”. Different from the traditional pursuit of straight and white teeth, a new aesthetic possibility may become a reality by teeth carving, decorating, and giving it various personalized elements.

Three possibilities are showcased in this project: unique “teeth tattoo”, teeth sculpture, and dental veneers. Each group includes several cases of different styles and each of them can be regarded as a substitute for the current beauty style in another parallel world: white tattoo is to teeth whitening, teeth sculpture is to teeth orthodontics, and teeth veneers correspond to the various actions taken to prevent cariogenic substances from harming the oral



Hopefully a more interesting type of oral colour art can be excavated through this series of oral beauty designs. Teeth can be a medium for displaying individuality and expressing ourselves in addition to oral health and chewing capability.

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