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This project is based on four key concepts about mantis: disguise, divinity, sexual cannibalism and Kong fu, which is about how people recognize mantis and mantis behaviour.

get away from everything.jpg

Get Away from Everything

This project is inspired by the experience of William Cimillo, who stole a bus and escaped from the New York City. William has mentioned that the reason why he stole the bus was that he ‘just want to get away from everything’. I am inspired by the sentence and decide to use it as the theme of my picture book.

dodo's pleasure 

This project is a series of illustrations about the dodo, one of the most famous extinct birds in the world. I am going to represent the last dodo family in the world, which is away from the cruel environment and human predation, and enjoy their life in a fairyland.

Dodo's Pleasure

tragedy of caterpillar 

This project is inspired by Fabre’s Book of Insects. Fabre has introduced a particular kind of wasp, which lay their eggs in the body of other insects or spiders. The victim is usually the caterpillar.


notes from a future archaeologist 

This project describes the conjectures of human civilization by archaeologists of the new civilization based on the remaining historical data and cultural relics after its extinction.


just dance.jpg


This project describes the possibilities of human teeth decoration under the new aesthetic trend of “addition to oral cavity”. Different from the traditional pursuit of straight and white teeth, a new aesthetic possibility may become a reality by teeth carving, decorating, and giving it various personalized elements.

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