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Time: 2022

Size: A3 & A4

Material: Gouache, Ink, Colour pencil 

This project is based on four key concepts about mantis: disguise, divinity, sexual cannibalism and Kong fu, which is about how people recognize mantis and mantis behaviour.


As a common kind of insects that can be found in almost every continent, mantis have a variety of appearances and habits. In Southeast Asia, a beautiful orchid mantis will disguise itself as an orchid to deceive its prey. In Africa, there are some legends that the praying mantis is the incarnation of the creator god called Cagn. There are also some cultures in which mantis is a messenger between life and death. Another iconic feature of mantis is sexual cannibalism, that represents the cruel side of this beautiful and powerful creature. The violin mantis  is included. At last, as mighty predators, mantis have influenced some Kong fu genres. 

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