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Dodo's Pleasure

Time: 2022

Size: A3

Material: Gouache, Colour pencil, Pastel

This project is a series of illustrations about the dodo (Raphus cucullatus), one of the most famous extinct birds in the world. The dodo can be seen as a symbol of many things: out-of-trends, clumsy behaviors, and things that disappear so quickly. According to the research about the etymology of its name ‘dodo’, we can see the colonists initially treated this kind of flightless birds with contempt because dodos are lazy, clumsy and not afraid of humans. However, for my project, I define the dodo as a symbol of a leisurely attitude of life, which is out of tune with the fast-paced modern society, but still deserves to be respected and cherished. I am going to represent the last dodo family in the world, which is away from the cruel environment and human predation, and enjoy their life in a fairyland.

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